About Us

Bauhaus Salon is a full service hair salon in the Avenues of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Bauhaus is an art movement. It's a way of seeing the world where art, design, culture and style are unified. At Bauhaus Salon, your hair is the center of our creative universe. 





480 E. 6TH Ave


(801) 323-4287





Our Stylists  are excellently versed in the latest and greatest methods, cuts, colors and styles.  We offer a variety of services including hair cuts, color, styling and blowouts. See our entire team here.




We offer top of the line professional hair products from the best brands including ethical, cruelty free and/or organic companies including  Kevin Murphy, Hair Story, and Kenra. We also participate in the Love Is Project, an organization which provides employment for women in rural Africa, Indonesia and South America. 



A German word meaning "house of design" or "house of building".  The original Bauhaus was an influential, avant-garde art school that operated from 1919 to 1933.  It was founded on the idea of a "total" work of art in which all art forms would be brought together as one. It combined the crafts with the fine arts. Architectural design, painting, sculpture, textile design, and the adaptation of technology and science were incorporated into their philosophy on form and function. Thus,  Bauhaus created a revolution in art, design,  and architecture, shaping the modern world as we know it. 

David Holland, Owner and Artistic Director of the salon, borrowed the name as a tribute to our creative past and to define who we are as an artistic team.  We believe in the basics. We understand that its what we do with the basics that make it creative.   We want to share our stylish space and unique talent as we redefine success.